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Allan Derrick (Testimonial by Jo Derrick)

This book helped save my Dad’s life and could make every difference to YOURS.

My Dad was diagnosed with large multiple Squamous Cell Carcinoma tumours (malignant) in his neck in June 2019. We were given little advice, little hope, little encouragement. Stage unknown, however Dad was told it was “significantly advanced” and would likely kill him if untreated. As Dad has severe COPD, he was offered Radiotherapy. Chemo and surgery was off the table. Or go home and wait to die. Cancer treatment as we discovered, is polarised into practitioners that genuinely want to support their patient and those who appear to be part of a conveyor-belt system. My parents were shunted onto the latter.

I was convinced there were other options.

An internet search on starving cancer out led me to Jane’s book, it stuck out amongst all the others as a very positive manual of ‘I survived, here’s how and you can too’.

Jane’s experiences, bravery and dogged refusal to give up gave me hope and confidence that I could help my father. Cancer is viewed as an insidious, unknown enemy and woe betide the patient who asks too many questions. It is a minefield and Jane’s book makes it a LOT easier to navigate.

Cancer cells like any other cell, needs nutrients. Jane’s book outlines cancer metabolism and how to disrupt it using off-label medications and widely available supplements. Jane’s explanations on how to research the cancer phenotype, and how it responds to different substances was a total eye-opener, and this enabled me to be far more effective in building my Dad’s regimen to starve his cancer.

I joined Jane’s FB Group; a wealth of collective knowledge, camaraderie from a brave bunch of individuals in the face of adversity. Evidence-based and direct experience of improving a member’s own health often to the point of NED. I have found the group a vital resource and been able to offer support back to those in need.

I used Jane’s methods of searching in sites like PubMed to find reliable evidence of which supplements/off-label drugs that had a +ve or -ve effect on Dad’s cancer. From this, I was able to design a rudimentary ‘map’ of supplements, food and drugs that would disrupt it’s feeding pattern (whilst feeding Dad!). I cross-referenced using the internet, books, and put questions to the group. As the treatment wore on, I researched, modified the map and added more supplements as required.

Dad’s Oncologist invited questions, however in reality was very dismissive from the outset of anything ‘alternative’. He would not look at the papers my parents presented, nor Jane’s book. Very disturbing.

During Radiotherapy, the Oncologist noticed that Dad was vastly improving (not anticipated), and remarked that patients ‘don’t normally look healthier at the end of treatment’! The Registrar was amazed when NED was announced. He did look at Dad’s Map with interest. “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.”

Dad continues on his protocol to this day, and is still NED over six months later. We definitely have Jane to thank. The more I learn about cancer & treatment, the more I realise that patients NEED to be supported properly in making informed choices.

Joanna Derrick, UK 2020.

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