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Jane McLelland’s book is a must read if you have cancer. I am a pharmacist and have stage 4 uterine cancer. There are 2 opposing camps in cancer treatment, the traditional surgery/chemo/radiation approach or the alternative cancer treatment camp. Either you are in one or the other and many people stake their lives on either of them. Jane’s book combines both. Herself a stage IV cervical ca survivor, basically uses repurposed drugs to combat cancer metabolically, whereas conventional does not touch that. Cancer stem cells are what causes cancer to return, sometimes with a vengeance. This is what has happened to me. Being trained in traditional medicine, it has taken me years to overcome the dogma of traditional medicine. When you finally realize that YOU are in charge of your health and that the oncologist does not and cannot determine what your outcome will be IF you decide to take control. There is no one size fits all and both camps seem to fall into that thinking. Every body is different, every cancer is different. It takes a lot of hard work to research and study to understand how cancer takes over in your body. Jane’s book does a lot of that work for you BUT, you still have to do your own digging. I really liked that. I have read and reread it. Being a pharmacist, it makes sense to me, but you have to read it yourself. Don’t let yourself get stuck in either of the opposing camps. There is much good on both sides. Kudos to Jane for telling her story and sharing her hard work. Read this book!!!

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