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Well what can I say, this book has felt like a true lifeline for me. I stumbled across Jane’s off label drugs Facebook page last year when it was recommended by another cancer patient on an online support group where I was researching for my fathers cancer.

Not long after, I was then myself diagnosed with cancer and so was very optimistic to hear that she was to publish a book about her protocol to starve cancer. I ordered straight away and got stuck in.

Thank you Jane from the bottom of my heart. This is the first book I have read regarding cancer (and I have got through a few in the last 18months!) that I felt I could really relate to. Although different cancers (I have a rare type of uterine cancer, not cervical) so much of what was written rang true to my situation. The loss of fertility in my thirties due to treatment after longing for a sibling for my young son for so long was a devastating blow and just compounded the heartache and despair of the cancer diagnosis. The ensuing search for ways to complete our family exploring surrogacy etc. and adoption being off the cards for the foreseeable future due to the diagnosis just felt all so familiar.

Similar to Jane, having a parent diagnosed with terminal cancer set me on this research pathway initially and the line in the book stating how her own mothers death may have saved her own life really sent shivers down my spine and tears rolling down my face, I’d felt exactly the same about my own fathers diagnosis and passing. The parallels just felt so numerable even right down to the Riverford Organic deliveries which I’d started having some months before!

Finally something which I could relate to, someone who had walked a similar path to me and who was thriving despite the seeming insurmountable obstacles in her way. Her story is astonishing, her tenacity and strength through her ordeal are inspiring and give you that ‘if she can do it then so can I’ feeling!

On finishing the book I felt empowered and positive and with a feeling that if the worst happened and my cancer were to return I would be ready for it and with the tools and knowledge ready to starve it, kill it and knock it into orbit! Hopefully though with the knowledge I’ve gained it won’t ever get to that point – prevention of recurrence is now key and I’m working on my own metro map to try and help make that happen.

I have a medical degree so I found all the science very interesting and not difficult to follow but I honestly believe that even without any such background, Jane’s explanation is such that you would be able to read and get to grips with the terms, protocol, ideas, metro map etc and start working out how best to proceed for your individual case in conjunction with your healthcare team.

So well written and easy to follow I read the book in just over 24hours as I literally couldn’t put it down and have since gone through it again, much more slowly making more detailed notes.

For me this book is an absolute must read for all those dealing with a cancer diagnosis, either in the UK or worldwide, especially those with a higher stage who have been offered no ‘cure’.

Thank you Jane for the time you have taken to put your protocol and research out there and to stick your head above the proverbial parapet, risking your own sanity and much else I’m sure, in order to spread the word and give some hope to us all.

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