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If you’ve got cancer, this is THE book to read. I’m about a third way through as I’m writing this. I’ve already learned some critical knowledge that I hadn’t previously realised could be so important. I’ve been obsessed about health & nutrition all my life. Just one of the new insights I’m learning, only from reading this book, is that certain foods and supplements that are healthy and positive for preventing cancer, or preventing or treating cardiovascular problems, diabetes and other chronic health conditions will actually support the development and spread of cancer if you’ve already got it.

There’s so much more in the book than that obviously. Including the huge motivational force that Jane transmits. To take responsibility – to get beyond the fear, anxiety, apathy, resignation, reliance on the standard of care alone, etc. It’s clear you and your team can beat this most threatening foe given the right knowledge and tools and confidence! Jane has provided the map to what is otherwise an unknown territory.

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