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Miss S Day

I was hesitant to write a review as I don’t know if I can do this book justice.
I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in October 16. I was pretty much told there was a bit of palliative relief available but that I could expect to die within 2 years – if I was lucky. Lucky?! No cancer in my family and never thinking it would happen to me, I had nowhere to turn and on the heels of a damning prognosis I started searching for success stories, anything to help, scouring the internet for people who’ve turned this around. Truly petrified.
I came across Jane and her Facebook page a few months later and threw my out pouring of grief and confusion onto the page and I had so many helpful and genuinely positive responses that I actually finally felt maybe I wasn’t doomed just yet. With the help and guidance of the page I managed to regain some control of my situation. Being able to pick the brains of real people is so helpful. Jane herself often comments and offers advice and is very much ‘hands on’ on the page too which is testament to how much she wants to help people.

I remember seeing her mention that there might be a book… of course we were all then desperate to read it!

It arrived on my kindle shortly after midnight on release day . I had waited up for it and I started it straight away.

Jane gives a true and honest account of what must’ve been a horrific time for her. You get drawn into Jane’s story and you can’t help but admire and be in awe of her tenacity and her absolute belief that she could beat her cancer. It’s personal enough to feel her pain and certainly as a cancer sufferer to feel empathy for the despair of chemo side effects and having no hair etc but also its educational and I’ve already started reading it again with a pen and paper.
The second half of the book is the ‘science’ bit. This I had to read slowly to take it all in. Jane captures that perfect point between scientific and full of explanations but also straightforward and easy to follow.
I’ve already spotted areas in my own situation where I’m not doing things right and now I can understand those areas in a much more accessible way than just randomly googling and hoping to stumble across the answer.
I have drawn up my own ‘spot of bother’ chart, written a list of supplements to explore and started researching to find an integrative Dr to help me with dosing etc for optimal response.

It is not just a book, it’s a cancer bible must have for anyone who isn’t prepared to sit back and die just because a Dr has told them so. Many Drs could do with reading this book..
Next step for Jane – hopefully a clinic!

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