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Diagnosed stage 4 colon cancer March 2018. Made 2 liver resection in 2018 and 2019 and colon resection in 2019 , since my diagnosis am battling this beast with both standard medical line treatments and natural and parallel non conventional treatments, I was introduced to Jane’s book via search engines after the progression of my cancer I was desperate to find ways to stop it so I bought Jane’s book and read it carefully and begin applying her map and ideas closing all pathways on cancer as well. I was introduced to her Facebook which is another great source to collect ideas and experiences of all people sharing their success and failure stories. I am 27 months from diagnosis and I am still on my feet traveling on monthly basis and working 14 hours daily 7 days weekly, surely with the help of the non conventional treatments inspired from Janes’ book and Facebook and other sources.

All words cannot describe the efforts and dedication of Jane to spread her experience and wisdom to treat suffering cancer patients .
Thank you Jane for your dedication

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