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As a doctor and caregiver to a family member with stage IV cancer, what Jane has put together in this book is urgently needed and a gift to humanity. There is a great deal of research on the anti-cancer effects of select off-label drugs, but for the layperson, and even for the professional, the task of sifting through the research and trying to determine which one of these medications is most efficacious, how to match the cancer type with the medications, and which medications to pair together, is herculean, if not impossible, especially within the short life expectancy given to stage IV. If you can shut off cancer’s metabolism, you can kill it. Jane has provided us with a map of how to shut down cancer metabolism using low toxicity medications and supplements. For those who have stage IV, this book provides hope. Most stage IV cancer diagnoses are given less than a year to live and face high dose chemotherapy and radiation to even extend life by a few months. Why not try this? You have nothing to lose as it can be done along with conventional treatment. There are more and more doctors and patients sharing their success stories with this type of approach. My husband and I are one of those success stories. While we are still in the ring, he is in complete remission and has outlived his diagnosis. Thank you Jane and all others who are working so hard to bring this information to those who need it. We are in your debt.

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