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Yvonne Stewardson

As I embraced the metabolic approach to cancer I started to feel really well and my strength returned. I felt empowered as I learned more and became my own Doctor. I assure you it’s better than doing nothing. I did first things first, added supplements in slowly and set aside time to study. Not easy if your feeling ill and frightened. I couldn’t concentrate and often felt overwhelmed. Am I doing too much, or not enough? I decided to focus on Janes protocol reading other things distracted me and took me off my game.
I have now learned to listen to my own instincts, follow my own intuition. As Jane says don’t overthink it. Now that one can be challenging! When you overthink things I have found your mind becomes troubled.
I practice time restricted eating my target is between 4 to 6 hours eating window a day. My kitchen closes at 6 pm, just like my Nans did in the olden days. I cheat occasionally, I can’t always be perfect.
I wish I could do a 24 hour fast, I just can’t seem to manage it. I cook from scratch. I do not underestimate the power of healthy eating. I set my phone alarm when I finish eating for 20 minutes after then I go for a brisk walk, ( I am not giving Cancer a free meal ). The good food goes to my muscles not to feed my parasitic cancer. Please note that I don’t do this if I am out with friends for dinner. They would think I was crazy! If people say to me is the placebo effect, I say thank you very much il take that.
Never refuse an invitation ( unless it’s cream tea, I just can’t cope it’s far too tempting). Enjoy life, don’t beat yourself up if you sometimes get things a bit wrong. Go on holiday as much as you can it’s the perfect medicine.
Mclelland followers can easily be pushed off there game, sometimes by doctors, sometimes by well meaning friends and family. When this happens I always like to think about the Doctors who do believe in a metabolic approach to cancer like the Doctors at Care Oncology Clinic and a few others I have come to know.
Most people think I am cured and I like that. I really do feel amazing. I now have the same figure I had in my twenties thanks to a low GI diet. I am 2 and a half stone lighter than when I was diagnosed. So thanks for that Jane along side my new life.
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