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Blog: Brexit, the COC and more research

Hi Crew!

Brexit and the COC:

Some of you may have been worried about getting hold of the COC drugs because of Brexit, however  Care Oncology Clinic in the UK have confirmed that post-Brexit, all European and other international patients (outside USA and Canada) can continue to access their service and COC Protocol treatment. Please contact the clinic for more details: t: +44(0) 20 3855 5839; e:

Patients in USA and Canada should visit

The COC provide a wonderful support to any of you wanting to follow a cancer-starving approach such as I did to beat stage IV cancer. I strongly recommend them.

Latest Cancer Starving Research:

Meanwhile some more cancer starving news was announced by Professor Lisanti and his team at the University of Salford in collaboration with three universities in Italy:

Bedaquiline, an FDA-approved drug, inhibits mitochondrial ATP production and metastasis in vivo, by targeting the gamma subunit (ATP5F1C) of the ATP synthase | Cell Death & Differentiation (

Many researchers have focused on glycolysis, the abnormal fermentation used by cancer cells and first noted by Otto Warburg as the key target for treatment, e.g. following a low GI or ketogenic diet, IV Vit C, DCA, melatonin, fermented wheat germ – all will target specific enzymes in this process. Yet these researchers ignore the fact that OXPHOS, the production of ATP, the energy currency of all cells, is also a key marker of metastasis and a major source of energy for the cancer cell.

When you realise that in some cancer cells most of the energy is actually produced by OXPHOS not glycolysis, it is crazy to just focus on the latter without addressing the former. This is the case for hormone driven breast cancer, where 80-90% of the ATP comes from OXPHOS not glycolysis and also, but to a lesser extent, for triple negative cancer. Each cancer will vary in its ratio of OXPHOS: glycolysis, but Lisanti shows that in these cancer types, blocking OXPHOS with an already approved off label antibiotic, Sirturo (bedaquiline) will help stop metastases. Remember that metastases are what generally kill patients rather than the primary. This latest drug adds to the list of antibiotics currently showing an ability to help stop the OXPHOS process, including doxycycline and azithromycin.

If I have lost you in this science, don’t panic! I have an online course to explain these processes, alongside many other confusing issues such as autophagy. Question: is it good or bad? Answer: it can be both!

If you can understand how your cancer works, your chances of beating it will soar! Cancer metabolism is the key to eradicating the cancer stem cell, but this area of medicine is still relatively new and not yet taught to traditional doctors. Investing in your education will help you focus on which supplements you need so you don’t waste your money, as well as boosting your confidence in your ability to beat it, which is, to my mind, priceless.

Please note that money earnt from my course is going towards creating an App and to produce a range of GMP certified supplements that you can trust.

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If you haven’t signed up yet for my course, please take a look at the curriculum. There are some free videosand really inspiring and uplifting testimonials from patients beating the odds, perfect for those days you are feeling down. It also includes much of the information from my second edition, including a video on Ferroptosis, an exciting new way to beat cancer. This is the link:

How To Starve Cancer – Online Course | How To Starve Cancer (

Thank you again to everyone that has bought it – you are helping everyone by doing so.  I will be continuing to add more information and updating videos to the course in the near future now I have the latest book put to bed. Thank you for your patience.

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