Niki’s Story

My name is Niki Hardy.   I am 53 years old and I’m from Hattiesburg, MS. I am a real estate professional for 6 years now and work for a publishing company that I love!  I have three wonderful kids and an awesome husband so I can’t complain at all. I was first diagnosed in mid […]


Yolande’s Story

My name is Yolande Clough and I am a stage 4 cancer survivor, now in remission, after reading Jane Mc Lelland’s book “How to Starve Cancer.” My aggressive ovarian cancer, Clear Cell, initially staged at 1C returned in October 2019 with metastasis to the lungs, so I was now considered stage 4. After reading Jane’s […]


Traci’s Story

I was contacted by Jane in a Facebook group several months before her book How to Starve Cancer came out. I was treating my cancer with diet and supplements, hyoerbaric and other natural protocols. We messaged back and forth on things I should be adding to my treatment and as soon as her book was […]


Van McCourt’s Story

“My first diagnosis 3 years ago was for stage 3 breast cancer and also thyroid cancer. At that time I changed my diet and began to exercise regularly. I did chemo, a mastectomy, and also lots of supplements, fasting and IVC. It came back about 3 months after I was declared “cancer free”. I had […]


Joni’s Story

I was diagnosed with ER+HER2- in August of 2017 finished chemo and radiation in One of 2018… I was pretty comfortable and sure I would have to live on letrozole for 5 years and be in remission for many many years… WELL, that changed December 26th 2019 when my back started hurting and lo and behold the […]


Nancy’s Story

‘I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 2, Grade 2, May 2015. I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction (and now awaiting an explant since they are the kind that cause cancer, ugh). I refused chemo at that point because it offered a 2% chance of no recurrence. I didn’t need radiation. I found […]


Ron’s Story

‘This is how I got my Prostrate cancer into remission. I started out with a PSA of almost 400 seven years ago and it had metastasized into my lymph nodes. I was given three years to live at the most. At the beginning I refused any other treatment except Lupon. I as able to get […]


Gaynor S, Clinical Nurse Specialist

I was originally diagnosed with primary breast cancer in 2002. Two very small tumours were found, combine total of 1.2 cm. I was ER positive, HER 2 negative, Grade 2, Stage 1, and considered very low risk for recurrence. I followed the conventional route of chemo for 3 months, then 5 years of hormonal therapy. […]


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