Blog: The Orwellian Medical World …

Dear H2SC crew, I know many of you are frustrated that I do not put dosages next to the supplements or drugs in my online course and book. I tread a line between providing education and medical advice. If I am in jail for crossing that boundary I won’t be much help to anyone! Safe […]


Blog: Do your cancer treatments sometimes make you nauseous?

Hello again Crew! Nausea and vomiting, whether caused by chemotherapy, other medications or even supplements (green tea often makes me green at the gills, especially on an empty stomach) is just plain debilitating and miserable when going through cancer treatment. Dealing with cancer is bad enough. Nausea adds insult to injury but it is far […]


Blog: Ferroptosis…going for the Kill

  27.01.2021 Hello Crew! If you hadn’t already noticed or heard on the grapevine, my Kill Phase module is out! A Kill Phase in Jane cancer parlance means an acute stress on the cancer, given over a day (e.g. chemo) or sometimes several days straight or every other day for a few weeks or in metronomic regular ‘pulses’. The best way […]

I have a confession

Blog: I have a confession

Dear H2SC crew! 2020 is over! A big welcome to 2021! I think it’s time to fess up about my year.  Those of you who have heard me speak either online or in person over the last few years may have noticed me cough. Quite a lot. At times embarrassingly so, going red in the […]

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Blog: “Your course is worth every penny”

Dear H2SC crew! I’m so thrilled with your reaction to my course! Thank you all for your comments, I am delighted by your response! The first 7 modules are now available to view on the Teachable site, these are the really vital ones as they form the core part of your cancer-starving programme –  the […]

H2SC Course

Blog: Course Update

Clarification – we are uploading two modules per week so the whole course should be available by January.  There is no time limit for you to complete the course so you can watch it as many times as you need to.    Dear H2SC crew! Wow, you have been raving about my course!!  Comments and […]


Blog: Knowledge is power

Hello again H2SC crew! Things are going well with the course, I am so excited to be launching it for you all on 1st December.  I am busy adding in fresh new content which will be included in my Second Edition of How To Starve Cancer, so you get advance knowledge before its officially published […]


Blog: Halloween Update

Happy Halloween crew! A huge thank you to all of you who have pre-booked my upcoming Course. I am so excited to launch this on 1 December and am busy researching and recording for you, it’s a monumental task but I am enjoying every minute (well mostly – dropping my computer and smashing the screen […]


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