Blog: Self Publishing Sucks

This blog is a change of heart peeps. Self-publishing sucks. Hello my lovely H2SC cancer rebels, Covid 19 has affected us all in different ways, but the cancer community has been particularly hard hit – operations cancelled, chemotherapy sessions postponed, new symptoms underplayed and under-investigated. Many new cancer cases are going undiagnosed and progressive disease […]


The professor who ‘cured’ his cancer

With a cocktail of everyday pills and 20 years on remains disease-free. Ben Williams’ aggressive brain tumour was treated with conventional therapies – and with a mix of common drugs, including those for acne, insomnia and high blood pressure, as revealed in a new documentary. Could this approach work for others


Diet and cancer

This website has many articles and a video with Valter Longo about dietary restriction and how to overcome cancer. Valter Longo PhD. is a Professor in Gerontology and Professor in Biological Science and the Director of the USC Longevity Institute. He is interested in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of aging and the molecular pathways that […]


K-Ras gene

The role of K-Ras gene in allowing glucose and glutamine to be used as energy to fuel tumour growth.


Multi modal approach 

If starving a cancer of glucose was the answer, many more people would survive. However it often fails as this approach is not enough on its own. This article suggests the method may even backfire! To prevent this, a multi modal approach needs to be adopted with a combination of drugs, supplements, diet and exercise.



This site will be for emerging research on how to starve cancer with links to podcasts, interviews and blogs from cancer survivors There will be youtube clips and research articles which will help your understanding of how to best target your own cancer and which diet may be most suitable for your type of cancer.


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