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Chemo causes breast cancer to spread but don’t despair!

An article shared in FB groups sent many of you into another flat spin. Yet again I am here to reassure you are on the right path despite a backdrop of doom and gloom everywhere you look. I know how easy it is to get into a negative spiral, I have been in your shoes. The article in question showed that having chemotherapy for early breast cancer can cause metastasis in the lungs because it affects the quality of the blood vessels, making them leakier. It was reported in a couple of regional papers and I waited to see if this bombshell made the National news.

Nope. Not a dickie bird. Not surprising really as cancer patients have had enough to deal with throughout this pandemic. More bad news was something they clearly felt we needed shielding from.

But how bad is this problem?

Chemo helps breast cancer cells get their ‘foot in the door’ to the lungs: Study in mice finds drug makes blood vessel walls leaky and sticky — ScienceDaily

And it’s not just cyclophosphamide that does this, doxorubicin and paclitaxel also cause changes in the tumour microenvironment to encourage metastasis.

However, if you read the article carefully you will see the solution is the concurrent use of MMP-2 inhibitors. Unfortunately the easy ways to block this pathway (come on folks, you know what blocks this) have not reached the ears of the oncologist. All they read was the problem and for some they might think the answer is yet MORE chemotherapy! Gasp!

How are we going to make strides in preventing early breast cancers developing into more advanced stages if these articles don’t provide the answers to the problems these pose? Who is going to tell your oncologist? I can’t do it! Well okay I could, but easier if you do it!

And MMP-2 is not the only culprit. COX2 is also implicated in spread, particularly so with younger premenopausal women. The humble aspirin can help with that but often it is not recommended with chemo (check with your doctor). Curcumin, ginger and AKBA Boswellia will all help reduce COX2. An excellent Boswellia supplement with a very high potency is available from Daniel Stanciu at MCS Formulas. If you use the link on my page below with the code Jane5 at checkout you will get a 5% discount on the purchase. They ship with FedEx to anywhere.

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Over to you my lovely crew. To keep this revolution moving we need to make some noise. Imagine if oncologists routinely added doxycycline or mebendazole or if they suggested one of the many supplements I list on page 376 of my latest book as MMP2 inhibitors alongside chemotherapy? Imagine how many patients lives they might spare? All that unnecessary misery and suffering. Blocking MMP-2 is such an easy and simple intervention and cancer rates are set to explode because of all the recent missed diagnoses. Makes me both mad and sad to know many of you should not have had your cancer spread at all.

Click below to see an in depth interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Live, Learn, Love

Jane xx

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