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Blog: Book offer, an online course, an App, a podcast and a range of Supplements, phew …

Hello my lovely H2SC crew!

The warmest of welcomes to my very first blog…

Where to start? Hmmm…I think with the trials and tribulations of getting my book published and finally into your hands. Surely it should have been an easy sell? My compelling story of overcoming two different types of cancer with metastatic spread, both seemingly impossible to defeat and a predicted lifespan measured in weeks must have had publishers clamouring to publish? Not so, as I discovered. My early submissions were met with ‘Oh. Yet another cancer survival story. Sorry, not interested.’

If you are thinking of publishing your own cancer story take heed…

Of course, the main issue was putting pen to paper. I had never written a book like this in my life but I knew I had a new and important perspective on the metabolism of cancer; I had decoded and deciphered it in a way that people might finally be able to understand, with a route map (my McLelland Metro Map) which anyone could follow, the result of many months poring over PubMed to identify the key pathways used by every type of cancer to feed itself. Block those and the cancer would have no choice but to stop growing. I had also truncated the established Hallmarks of cancer down to five easy-to-follow steps – from how it starts to how it becomes that pesky fast dividing cell. Cancer is no longer a complex mystery! (You might disagree at this point, but hold your horses, YouTube videos, online course will follow). To almost everyone else cancer was a thick dark cloud full of mystery from whence strange weird mutations emerged for no apparent reason….

Of course, writing my story was a struggle. Tear-streaked drafts filled my litter bin as I relived those traumatic past experiences. Cancer was an arranged marriage that I had been forced into against my will. After years of struggling with this unhappy partnership, a blissful period of separation from the disease had come when my kids were small, it had been wonderful. No treatments, no tests, no reminders of the horrors of what I had been through. Just motherhood. Anyone who met me for the first time had no inkling of my past. So contemplating re-entering this unholy partnership, albeit on different terms, was not an easy decision. If my book were as much of a success as I hoped, the first thing people would associate me with was cancer. Not the master plan I had written for my life or how I wanted to be perceived.

My second problem was that after starting to write it, I decided I needed a publisher to reach the masses, no point trying to start a revolution without being able to shout about it from the rooftops. This meant getting myself an agent. No easy task when you are a complete unknown. After emailing at least ten, the silence was deafening. Months passed then finally, ping! An email request to meet with me, but boy did she give me a grilling! Little did I know I was on the heels of an Australian woman who had conned a big publisher that she had survived terminal cancer with some weird diet. It turned out her story had been a complete web of lies! Publishers were deeply scarred from this error of judgement and understandably nervous.

After a couple of meetings my agent realised my approach was not only logical but made perfect sense. Importantly for her, it was not made up. She was sold. At this point I assumed the process would be plain sailing. Surely once you had an agent it was merely a case of matching you up with the right publisher. Well… suffice to say responses ranged from ‘What a great story, but not right for us’ or ‘We might be interested in the story but we don’t want part 2,’ ‘ Sorry, she isn’t a qualified doctor’ and ‘It doesn’t fit any of our niches.’ After about 30 rejection letters my agent threw in the towel. I also decided enough was enough and conceded defeat. I had no choice. Self-publish or be damned.

I knew what patients wanted, I had walked in their shoes; and it wasn’t a fluffy story of woo woo about surviving against the odds with no medical or scientific backbone. Neither did I want to publish a medical textbook without the inspirational story.

As a control freak, self-publishing suited me fine! One of the downsides of this is that bookshop sales still only make up 2% of my overall sales. As for PR? Forget it! Without the backing of a publishing house and little funding to publicise the book, as far as journos were concerned it was not worth opening the cover! No TV, press, celebs or big flashy book launch for me. Self-publishing also meant I was ineligible for entering any well-known book awards (NB I did win the 2019 NYC Big Book Award, not as recognised, but a feather in my cap nonetheless). The day my book went on sale for the first time I celebrated with a glass of bubbly at home and a run around the park with my husband and kids.

So, a huge heartfelt thank you to all of you who have bought my book, many of you immediately realised what a game-changing, fresh and much needed new approach it is. So many of you have recommended it to other patients, it is entirely thanks to your efforts and your incredible reviews that I reached number one in several cancer categories. Remarkably I have stayed in that spot ever since it launched. I am profoundly grateful. And many thanks to the publishers outside of the UK who also realised its potential. I am delighted it will now be translated and shared throughout the world.

A shout out to South Korea! – it was the quickest turnaround in history! I received a wonderful letter from a Korean oncologist who had been using my protocol, achieving incredible results with many of his patients. Within about eight weeks the deal was signed, the book translated, and it was being sold on the shelves! Talk about efficient.

Also, a big shout out to my wonderful Lithuanian publishers – I had a fabulous four days in Vilnius promoting it on National TV and talking to their press in February this year. Without Covid-19 stopping me right now, I would be in Germany doing the same. Other translation rights have been sold to Spanish, Italian, Danish, Chinese, Turkish, Hungarian, Taiwanese and Veitnamese publishers and I hope many more to come. Stay tuned.

So if you haven’t yet read it, what are you waiting for! Place yourself in the driving seat and steer your own course to health. Do not be a passenger. It is on special offer direct from my website (cheaper than Amazon) at 40% off the RRP with the code EMPOWERME at the checkout. Click here to buy your own copy with this discount

Yes, I know it contains a bit of medical mumbo jumbo in part two, I make no apology for that -please do not let that put you off. I will be creating instructional YouTube videos and an online course, which, by the way, is the other reason for writing this blog.

Cancer is a complex disease and so the answer, sadly, is not exactly simple. I will teach you the information you need to help you easily find the answers to how and why your cancer is feeding so you feel totally confident you have an effective McLelland Metro Map. And I plan some survivor podcasts with people who have followed my cancer-starving approach, many of whom are in full remission so you can learn how and what they did to beat the odds.

Also in the pipeline is an App which will recommend useful drugs and supplements to discuss with your health provider and to provide guidance to your treatment plan. Also keep your eye out for my range of Metrobloc™ supplements – I have been busy trying to source the cleanest, most potent combinations of herbal formulae to help block those pathways naturally. I am NOT all about drugs despite what some people may say (I do try and ignore the biased one-star reviews but can’t help myself, sob).

I hope you will continue to support my ultimate goal to transform the out-of-date oncology profession – you can do this by subscribing to my upcoming videos here.

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If you feel you could help further the cause with a 2 or 3-minute video testimonial of how my approach and my book has helped you, it would be wonderful! If so contact Louise Craigen at


Please share my blog and my website with your own followers – there will be someone you know dealing with cancer right now.

Thank you to every one of you for supporting me and keep those positive progress stories coming in!

With much love to you all,

Jane xx
(aka Maracas)


Thoughts on Jane’s Book by J Farver, USA

This book is fantastic. It is a guidebook for the journey we are all taking. We embarked on this journey in September of 2017 when my wife was diagnosed with Stage IV epithelial ovarian cancer with liver mets. It took us two years to discover this guidebook. The book provides a framework (a model) that allows us to understand what to do. It is amazing that Jane did a major part of this research without the Internet. There are many articles available that state that a given supplement is good to take for cancer, but these articles do not give insight into why, or how to use them, or which cancer, or what else is needed. This book gives us this insight. It is obvious from comments on this forum (*this was posted on my Facebook group, J) that many of you have not yet read the book. Reading the book is the first thing you should do, so buy and read it immediately if you have not done so already!

We have found it useful to buy at least 4 copies of the book. The first is for you and your family to read. The second and third copies are for your doctor and your oncologist. Most of the information in the book will be new to them even though supporting research is available. Most do not have the time to keep up with the research. Most are wired into the “standard plan of treatment” which does not include the use of off label drugs and supplements (and probably does not lead where you want to go). You will need their support at some point, so it is good to get them onboard. The fourth copy should be the Kindle version available from Amazon for $4.49. (Most computing platforms support a Kindle reader.) The advantage of the electronic version is that it gives you extensive search capabilities that allow you to efficiently use the book as a reference book.

Yes, the last half of the book is difficult for most of us to understand, but it is critical to put it to use. All we really need to understand is that there are many known pathways that can be used to fuel each cancer, and there are known supplements and off label drugs that can help block those pathways, allowing us to starve the cancer.

HALT the cancer?
The book gives us HOPE. It allows us to start sleeping at night again as we realize we are no longer helpless. But hope is not a plan!
The book provides an ACTION plan, giving us the tools and knowledge to arm us for the fight ahead. You must take action. Take charge of your own treatment!
The book shows how to continue to LEARN by suggesting how to go about searching the Internet for more information. You will find an amazing amount of research is ongoing in this area.

The book allows us to THRIVE if not triumph. We don’t have to cure the cancer, just hold it at bay so we can lead normal lives.
Yes, HALT the cancer!

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