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Blog: Self Publishing Sucks

This blog is a change of heart peeps. Self-publishing sucks.

Hello my lovely H2SC cancer rebels,

Covid 19 has affected us all in different ways, but the cancer community has been particularly hard hit – operations cancelled, chemotherapy sessions postponed, new symptoms underplayed and under-investigated. Many new cancer cases are going undiagnosed and progressive disease is not being picked up.  I know many of you have had your anxiety levels heading off the scale and there is a general feeling of unease as preferential treatment is given to Covid patients. Cancer patients are expected to take a back seat and not grumble, how dare we? Hospitals have always been dangerous places, especially if you have compromised immunity – the fear of entering these germ-infested halls and never coming out has now reached new heights. I speak from personal experience here – I have acquired a drug resistant lung infection whilst undergoing an investigation (not cancer)  – the plan was to be an in-patient for several weeks to try and shift it, not an undertaking I was willing to risk.

Fear of picking up Sars Cov-2, its proper name, is now superseded by the uncertainty of job and financial security. Slowly we are starting to feel those effects, with sectors such as the entertainment, hospitality and services industries already badly hit. Bookshops are likely to close in droves. Last week I was informed that Bertrams, a major distributor and supplier of many of the Amazon sites that sell my paperback, was going into administration with the loss of 450 jobs[i]. Wordery, which I even promoted (smacks head), was also part of Bertrams until last month, when it was sold off. Bertrams had not paid me since last November, even though I stopped supplying them a few months ago. I have just under £26,000 of unpaid invoices that I am expected to simply write off! This equates to thousands of books I have had printed and sold. It might have been better if I had given them out for free and set myself up as a charity. This is something I might instigate in the future in any case. I am currently tracking the progress of three organisations who are looking into trials of repurposed drugs who I may sponsor in the future. One is being partly funded by Daniel Stanciu, fellow off label researcher and rebel, who sadly lost his wife to adrenal cancer. His site provides a lot of useful information. His new range of supplements will help finance drugs such as 2DG in the clinic (see link below[ii]).  I have an affiliate arrangement with this company who I recommend highly so if you follow this link you will get a 5% discount with the code jane5.  I was hoping to launch my own range by December, but everything is now on hold while I lick my wounds and regroup.

To keep my anger and frustration in check – destructive and damaging emotions that will get me nowhere – I have returned to daily rituals of deep breathing, meditation and taking long walks trying to remain philosophical about my loss. At least cancer patients have benefited. But it is hard not to let my feelings bubble over at times; I find myself suppressing the compulsion to use my killer karate moves on the executives of the afore-mentioned company, between waves of despair.  This was money I was putting towards my App, my range of not-for-profit supplements and the online course. I will still try and launch my online course when I can. Recouping that loss is going to take a long time so your support would be really welcomed.

I know many of you have asked where you should buy my book to ensure I receive proper recompense, so please, buy my book direct through the online links on my website, I offer a 40% discount at the checkout with the code EMPOWERME and books can be sent anywhere in the world. If you could avoid buying through Amazon in the UK, I would be extremely grateful. Also, avoid eBay where many of the same sellers operate and my PDF is copied and sold, allegedly with my permission. Not so crew, this is a bare faced lie – those are illegal copies of my book and I receive no income from these sales.

Meanwhile the hydroxychloroquine fiasco continues, big pharma rejoicing an article in The Lancet denouncing it as worthless for Covid 19. Yes, everyone is going to need the vaccine! Immunity post-Covid we are told is only likely to be short term ( Like the flu, relentless annual vaccines are on the horizon. Ker-ching! When the Lancet article was retracted shortly after publication, following a slew of protests over the ethics of the trials, hardly a whisper was heard. The damage had already been done. If you want to know more, have a read of this:

Next blog I promise will be more positive. Until then keep yourselves healthy, stay mentally strong, and remain aware crew,

Much love,

Jane xx