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Gaynor S, Clinical Nurse Specialist

I was originally diagnosed with primary breast cancer in 2002. Two very small tumours were found, combine total of 1.2 cm. I was ER positive, HER 2 negative, Grade 2, Stage 1, and considered very low risk for recurrence.

I followed the conventional route of chemo for 3 months, then 5 years of hormonal therapy.

Secondary Diagnosis

We were shocked when I was diagnosed with metastatic disease in 2013, with mets to lung and liver. In 2014 mets had spread to bone. Overall I have a small tumour load.

My protocols

Since my secondary diagnosis, I have combined conventional and complementary, with off label drugs. I have a scientific background so I like to have a reasonable level of evidence before I include anything I’m going to put in my mouth!

“Starving” the cancer has not yet reached mainstream oncology, and those that do support it have met with some opposition and controversy. I flirted – briefly – with the ketogenic diet along the way, but for various reasons, gave it up after a couple of months. My personal view is that cancer is too complicated to think just one approach such as this will result in curing cancer or delaying cancer spread, although it certainly has its place. Like Jane, and the Care Oncology Clinic, I believe a combined approach is best, hitting the cancer at as many pathways as possible.

For that reason, I take conventional medicine (oral chemo, a bisphosphonate, and hormonal therapy) along with a range of off label drugs (metformin, simvastatin, mebendazole, doxycycline, propranolol, aspirin, descloratadine), behind which is a wealth of information about their effects on the cancer cell pathway.

My complementary medicines/supplements are melatonin, low dose naltrexone, and broccoli sprout juice.

Currently, I am stable and have been for nearly 2 years. I am very well and live a normal life: going to the gym, playing squash, walking the dogs on long walks, enjoying family life, and working part-time as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Emergency.