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Joni’s Story

I was diagnosed with ER+HER2- in August of 2017 finished chemo and radiation in One of 2018… I was pretty comfortable and sure I would have to live on letrozole for 5 years and be in remission for many many years… WELL, that changed December 26th 2019 when my back started hurting and lo and behold the PET scan showed METS!
I knew this was serious, I had been stage 3 and graduated to stage 4 seemingly over night. Fortunately I had connections to Stanford Oncology and within 2 weeks I was seeing Dr. Melinda Telli one of the very best at Stanford. She recommended Ibrance/faslodex, the usual for my diagnosis and I got started right away… I had lesions on my forehead, collar bone, sternum, L3 and L5 of the spine and pelvis. At first they thought it was in my lungs and liver, but with further tests they felt I was clear.
Honestly if it wasn’t for my daughter who has acute auto immune disease and does so much to heal herself, I came across Jane McLelland, her story and her book How To Starve Cancer. I have a chemo buddy from my first go around who is also a Nurse Practitioner and between the 3 of us, we wrote up my protocol to win the battle… our goal… NED!
My NP prescribed the Dypridamole and Metformin, I wasn’t sure if Stanford would approve of my double whammy approach to Killing the cancer cells. However soon she realized what I was doing and was supportive…. The COVID 19 hit, my travel to Stanford came to a Screeching halt and I was forced to find a new Oncologist in my home town of Bend, for my monthly treatments and testing.. I scored here in Bend, I got a new Doctor named Dr. Maira Campos who is amazing! I told her flat out what I was doing and she loved it! She is 100% on board with the entire Protocol… I removed dairy, meat, bad carbs, sugar and alcohol from my diet. I am taking B vitamin, Bee Pollen, D Mannose powder, claritin, baby aspirin, berberine and my Dypirdamole and Metformin… on a daily basis, along with Ibrance and faslodex.. 4 1/2 months I am NED…. NO evidence of disease. MY Pets scan showed on May 25th I was clear… I am staying on Ibrance (lowered my dosage from 125mg to 100mg) and the faseldex shot, and sticking with my starving cancer protocol. I am exercising 90 min a day and have never felt better in my life!
Thank you just isn’t enough! I owe my life today to Jane and my daughter Lauren Nelson, and my amazing team of doctors who support alternative solutions. I believe we are what we eat…change your diet, listen to your instincts, get exercise and most of all believe you can beat this epidemic.
For-ever grateful,