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Niki’s Story

My name is Niki Hardy.   I am 53 years old and I’m from Hattiesburg, MS. I am a real estate professional for 6 years now and work for a publishing company that I love!  I have three wonderful kids and an awesome husband so I can’t complain at all.

I was first diagnosed in mid March 2017 with stage 1 almost stage 2 Estrogen/Progesterone positive breast cancer with a 2 cm tumor in my left breast.  I agreed to surgery in May of 2017 and had both breasts removed. The sentinel node biopsy came back negative so there was no lymph node involvement which was fantastic. I was sent to an oncologist honestly just to shut the surgeon up and get on with my life.  Boy was I wrong! A few months after surgery I had a CAT scan which revealed small lung nodules scattered throughout both lungs…my first hint that this wasn’t over.  After about a year of watching these nodules continually grow and even shrink in small spurts we decided to biopsy them and lo and behold they were in fact breast cancer that had spread to my lungs.

I believe when you make a decision to LIVE the universe conspires with you to bring about a plan and to drop nuggets or ‘clues’ along the way.

The clues came in the form of testimonies of people that had healed themselves from stage 4 cancer and there are many! I took their amazing stories and incorporated clean eating and lots of supplements that worked against the ability for cancer to thrive.  I haves since learned that there isn’t just one “cure” but MANY nature based plants and supplements that work against cancer.  Since I refused to do chemo my oncologist put me on a combo treatment of Verzenio and Faslodex in January 2019 which was my first introduction to a combined one two punch to stopping cancer.

After reading Jane’s book in late 2019 I was convinced that cancer had to be literally starved by blocking its ability to thrive using multiple pathways.   I actually found all of the medications she mentioned except propanolol without a prescription from a small pharmacy in India where I had been getting my Retin a.  Lucky for me a doctor had given my daughter a prescription of propranolol that I was actually afraid to give her so I started taking that.  I purchased over the counter medications like melatonin, berberine, fenbendazole, Garcinia Cambogia, turkey tail mushroom powder, low dose aspirin, and a supplement called Cell Stop that included many anti-cancer components mentioned in Jane’s book. Also I can’t forget the fact that full extract cannabis oil has been a daily part of my protocol which Jane mentions in her book as blocking the MMP-2 pathway.

Meditation is also huge for me and I began this practice regularly after my stage 4 diagnosis as a means to quiet my mind from the unending toxic chatter.   It was a most valuable “free” resource that I would not only use to heal but to empower myself in life.

My latest scan in February 2020 showed no evidence of disease and I know in my heart of hearts and knower of knowing that I’m healed! My oncologist said, “we NEVER see anyone go from stage 4 to NED.” I can’t thank Jane enough for bringing her journey to light in a book that I feel is gamechanger in cancer! Her brilliant research is just mind blowing and her success gives all of us hope!