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Ron’s Story

‘This is how I got my Prostrate cancer into remission.

I started out with a PSA of almost 400 seven years ago and it had metastasized into my lymph nodes. I was given three years to live at the most.

At the beginning I refused any other treatment except Lupon.
I as able to get my numbers down to around a PSA 15, but that was the best the Lupon could do.
The Lupon treatment lasted for about 2 years and then started failing.

Casodex was added to the Lupon, but it did not work for me. My numbers kept going up.

My PSA was around 80 when Xtanda was added to the Lupon and that brought my PSA numbers back down.
The Lupon and Xtanda lasted a few years and then my PSA numbers started going back up.

About a year ago I read Jane’s book and decided I would try the program.

I found a holistic doctor to help me and used your protocol plus other supplements. It’s been a year and my PSA is holding at .3

I am currently considered in remission.

My diet consists mostly of fish, vegetables, fresh fruit and chicken.

I don’t smoke or drink and eat very little sugar products and almost no red meat.

I do have a complete blood check up every three months including PSA and my blood work has been near perfect for the past year.’