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Traci’s Story

I was contacted by Jane in a Facebook group several months before her book How to Starve Cancer came out. I was treating my cancer with diet and supplements, hyoerbaric and other natural protocols. We messaged back and forth on things I should be adding to my treatment and as soon as her book was available I bought it. Immediately I was using things I’d never heard of. Jane is so thorough in her explanations of how cancer uses nutrients, what to take away or to add to starve cancer cells and how to create an apoptotic environment. I really appreciated how she told her cancer story and how scientific her book was. I’m almost completely cancer free. I’ve had no chemo, no radiation and am so grateful that this caring lady reached out to a complete stranger on Facebook.

I gave Jane’s book to my Doctor, Dr. Leigh Erin Coneally.

Thank you Jane for sharing your knowledge.