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Van McCourt’s Story

“My first diagnosis 3 years ago was for stage 3 breast cancer and also thyroid cancer. At that time I changed my diet and began to exercise regularly. I did chemo, a mastectomy, and also lots of supplements, fasting and IVC. It came back about 3 months after I was declared “cancer free”. I had metastatic breast cancer. I was prescribed Ibrance and Letrozole because that’s standard if you are post menopausal. I did some research and discovered that I was considered oligometastatic, because I only had two metastatic lesions and both were in my spine.
I was able to convince my oncologist to refer me to another doctor for radiotherapy that is done with lasers, very targeted. It’s called SBRT. It did seem to resolve one lesion, but not the other. Even after 6 months on Ibrance and letrozole. I don’t think my oncologist felt there was anything else to be done but wait for me to get worse. At that time I read Jane’s book, How to Starve Cancer. I had already improved my diet and exercise habits (though the Ibrance has made regular exercise much more challenging because I have very low energy and am trying to keep up with 2 kids). I tried to convince my oncologist and my GP to prescribe me some off label meds. In order to get everything I went to the COC. I basically started the off label drugs in August of 2019, metformin, atorvastatin, LDN, mebendazol, doxycycline, and propranolol. I also went back to doing IVC during my weeks that I was taking the doxycycline. I stayed on my Ibrance and letrozole. I also take a few supplements, methylated b vitamins, melatonin, green tea extract, and some mushroom supplements.
In November I had another PETscan and hoped to see the lesion in my lower back have a reduction in SUV from 6.4 to maybe 4 or 3. It reduced to 1.9, which isn’t considered high enough to be evidence of cancer, so they gave me the label NEAD. I have remained on all of my same medications and have had two more PETscans. My SUV is now at 1.6.”