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Yolande’s Story

My name is Yolande Clough and I am a stage 4 cancer survivor, now in remission, after reading Jane Mc Lelland’s book “How to Starve Cancer.”

My aggressive ovarian cancer, Clear Cell, initially staged at 1C returned in October 2019 with metastasis to the lungs, so I was now considered stage 4.

After reading Jane’s book I immediately adopted a strict low glycemic diet, and following her example I cut out saturated fats, sugars, carbs, dairy, poultry  and meat ( with the exception of wild meat – venison and rabbit.) I also cut out all alcohol and had a minimal amount of skimmed milk just in tea.

Following Jane’s lead I researched my own cancer on Pub. MED., although Clear Cell is quite rare and there wasn’t a lot of available data, so I had to use information for the more generic forms of ovarian cancer.

I worked on the premise that since mine was a hormonally driven aggressive cancer, I had to counter it aggressively, and block all the feeding pathways simultaneously.
I immediately collected and began taking as many of the supplements and off label drugs that I could source without prescription, and enrolled at the Care Oncology Clinic to gain access to the rest.

My hospital oncologist was unfortunately not keen to work with me on the protocol, so I persevered on my own, much like Jane had to do at times. The C.O.C. were very supportive and gave me a lot of encouragement.

Again following Jane’s lead, I hired a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber and spent an hour per day in it. Given that I had lung mets., I reasoned that the healthy cells would be supported by oxygen whilst the cancer cells would find it a toxic environment.

Jane’s synergistic approach, explained in the book, using both conventional medicine for the kill phase and the off label, re- purposed drugs to starve and weaken the cancer, made such sense to me. I recognised the wisdom in taking the best from both conventional and alternative medicine to work “in synergy magnifying each others effects.”

I decided to undergo chemotherapy after a press phase of 6 weeks. I had previously declined it because I knew from my research that Clear Cell was resistant to it, which is why it is considered aggressive and has such a poor prognosis. However I now knew, from the knowledge gleaned from Jane’s book, that it was possible to starve and weaken the cancer and make it susceptible to a kill phase of chemotherapy. I wanted to have a low dose, because I knew from the book that this would be just as effective, but I was not successful in getting them to work with me on this. I was actually given high doses which I was not very happy about but I had no choice.

After 3 cycles the mid -point C.T. scan showed both the 16mmx11mm pelvic tumour with vascular line developing and the lung mets (numerous flecks – with 4mm and 5mm lesions in both lungs) were “resolved” and “undetectable.” This exceeded even my expectations, although I was very hopeful as my CA125 score had been dropping even before chemo began.

I joined the Facebook group, after I read about it in Jane’s book, so that I could share in the experiences of others and draw support from the community. I was particularly uplifted by the positive progress reports and hearing about successful outcomes.

I also learnt from Jane’s experiences described in the book about the importance of getting family and friends on board with the protocol. They are naturally worried for you, and some in their anxiety would rather put blind faith in conventional medicine believing “they know best.” I actually bought 12 copies of the book to give to my close family and friends. I needed them to support me and didn’t want to be dealing with negative attitudes on top of everything else, so they had to understand. This was a master stroke, and my support network swung behind me with a vengeance.

Jane’s book was a game changer. It was recommended to me at a time when I had no hope. I knew chemotherapy would not work but it was the only option – other than to let the disease progress unchecked. Her life story was an inspiration, but more than that – the science behind the protocol makes such sense, coupled with the fact that one does not have to choose  between conventional and alternative medicine, but rather take the best that both have to offer.
I am truly grateful to Jane, and understand how difficult it must been for her to write it;  sharing  her personal life and knowledge with others.
Even writing this has brought back difficult memories for me  of the desperation I once felt.
However hopefully, like Jane, my experiences may also help others and contribute to spreading the word about this amazing protocol. I also hope that by sharing my experience I can encourage anyone reading this, who may be facing a devastating cancer diagnosis, to have hope and stick to the regime.

It does work.

Yolande Clough

6th June 2020