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Targeting resistant stem cells

Hello Gang!

As you know, research on ferroptosis is still not well known amongst the medics and new information is coming out almost weekly. I will update you on the latest in my next blog.

But as promised this newsletter will be about the metabolic rewiring, i.e. the basic premise of my Metro Map – block one pathway and it uses another. Some of you may have seen my recent posts on social media about the rewiring that occurs when you treat AML with chemotherapy –  using nucleotide metabolism in the pentose phosphate pathway through activating the DHODH enzyme:…/resistant-cancer-cells-can…/

We have only recently been looking at tumours in this way, studying the metabolomics, i.e. the shifts in metabolism within a tumour. If your treatment has stopped working that means your cancer has learnt to adapt and is using a new metabolic pathway to feed itself. This concept is the very heart of my approach to starving your cancer.

So what happens when you block nucleotide generation as suggested in this article? (Nucleotides are little chunks of DNA) i.

Here was something that caught my eye –

The Synergism between DHODH Inhibitors and Dipyridamole Leads to Metabolic Lethality in Acute Myeloid Leukemia – PubMed (

The words metabolic lethality are music to my ears. This means it is a ‘BINGO!’ moment. If you block the DHODH enzyme, then cancer has to rewire using another pathway to make nucleotides – in this case, cancer uses the nucleoside salvage pathway instead. Obvious, yes?!  And you all know which drug is great for that! One of my personal favourites – the antiplatelet drug dipyridamole. I am incensed it is being phased out of clinical practice and many of you now struggle to get hold of it, a subject for another blog. If you want a natural substitute, Danshen (red sage) is a natural but less potent nucleoside transport inhibitor.

The article cites new DHODH inhibitor drugs in development, unlikely to be on the horizon for many years to come, but those of you who have my latest book or have done my online course should know I already mention a DHODH inhibitorleflunomide for blocking the pentose phosphate pathway, normally used for treating rheumatoid arthritis. It also features in my ferroptosis protocol and there is a great YouTube video in my online course about its potential for pancreatic cancer. It does come with some possible side effects (especially if you have liver problems), but used in the correct cocktail, lower doses could be used, especially if combining with sulfasalazine for inducing ferroptosis.


Jane xx

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